Our Master is designed for the training of individuals and companies

A training work protocol and 10 strategies with a twenty-year statistical advantage that will allow you to immediately obtain constant capital gains with a controlled risk on the German Index.

Master Trader: Luca Benevelli

Portfolio Futures Dax

Results from 2012


3 Types of Master

Differentiated training with the possibility of upgrading


Nothing is left to chance, subjectivity does not exist to operate with constant capital gains.


No event will change the dynamics with which you will get continuous results over time.


We can plan the Master on your time, without problems. On site, online or as a weekend formula.


Direct contact with the Master Trader, constant verification of operations up to excellence.

in Futures Dax
01. The protocol

The 10 strategies provided with the Master that will bring you significant continuing profits over time, will simply not be taken for granted. We will always start with a clean chart and strategy by strategy, we will implement it. During these steps it will be the customer himself who will be encouraged to analyze, to get him used to seeing what 75% do not "see".

02. Analysis with Trading System

The analysis of the strategies, phase by phase as per protocol, will be tested on the market with the help of the Trading System implemented by us. This will allow them to be processed with additional quantitative analysis software always supplied by us. Trading System for the research of statistical advantages and analysis software will pass to the customer included in the offer of the different Masters.

03. Futures Dax strategy

From Intraday to Multiday, from very short-term operations to months. Long and short. Each strategy has statistical advantages on the underlying with a duration of at least ten years. Admissions, expenses and monetary management are studied ad hoc.

04. Investment for yourself

The Master in Dax Futures is an investment forever. Continuity is guaranteed over time, no further study or market attempts will be needed. Those who complete the master will be able to live on Trading starting from the following day.

05. Perspective and Potential

From the private individual who values ​​trading as a primary job or initially in conjunction with another job, to the company that wants to invest capital to obtain capital gains to invest.

06. Different levels

It is possible to take advantage of 3 different training levels: Multiday, Intraday, Full Time. The choice is subjective based on the objectives to be achieved.

07. Only one underlying

Is it possible to live on trading by working exclusively on Dax Futures? The answer is absolutely YES. Having Focus is essential in order not to get lost in markets, underlyings and strategies. The natural diversification takes place by working the index both in intraday and multiday modalities, both on the long side and on the short side.

08. Post-training

We strongly believe that post-training is an essential added value to give our customers the right peace of mind. For this reason we give life support and presence. At the headquarters in Genoa, on the phone, via video call. Not only that, it will be possible to re-do the Master for free a second time!

09. Corporate seriousness

Physical location, searchable performances, pre-training fact-finding appointments, post-training availability, tangible results. This is the added value that we transmit and distinguishes us.


The Master is carried out with a maximum of 2 customers at a time and there is a waiting list.


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Performance Clients

Walter R.

Walter is 45 years old and an entrepreneur. When he joined Dax Lab he came from a long and troubled path of over 5 years on the financial markets with constant losses and "too much" desire for revenge. After completing the Master, he achieved continuity of profit and a priceless serenity of mind. The "gear change", after having performed the Master, can be seen from the graph.

Tipologia Master

Trader Full Time

Target raggiunto

12 Mesi



Risultati trader professionista
We guarantee continuity of profit.

The added value of the Master, in addition to having countless strategies that have been beating the market for over 20 years, is having in hand an objective protocol for approaching the financial markets.

Although the focus is on the German index, the analysis method is applicable to any underlying. Equity, World Indices, Forex, Commodities.

Orizzonte temporale

10 anni

Ritorno medio annuo


Max DD medio annuale


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